Who Am I?

I’m Rebecca. A little bit about me.

Once upon a time, I thought it would be super cool to do a lot of traveling.

And it is cool. It’s also expensive. So after a couple years touring the Middle East under the guise of earning a graduate degree, I signed on to serve in the US Army for seven years (2007 to 2014), primarily to pay off my $60,000 student loan debt through the military’s loan repayment program. Interestingly enough, the traveling continued, because in the process of serving my time, I lived in New York, Iraq, and Germany. I learned how to be an army broadcaster, shoot an M4 machine gun, run very poorly but still passing, get yelled at without flinching and/or crying, and most importantly, not quit no matter how much I might really, really want to.

Thankfully, being an army broadcaster proved to be invaluable to my future career path. I learned how to shoot and edit video, write and voice scripts, mix and master audio using Adobe Audition CS6, and do all the other things necessary to get great video and audio. After I left the military, I embarked on a freelance career in voice over, starting out with an admittedly primitive set up. To my surprise, it took off. I upgraded my equipment as I went, and a couple years later, I have thousands of orders under my belt. I’m currently branching out into photo and video work, with an emphasis on documentaries.

Interests include yoga, nutrition, travel, the Middle East, funny people, and being outside in nature.